Uniform and Badge Velcro (Hook and Loop Fasteners)

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New and improved two piece Hook and Loop Fastener badge holder (velcro) with strong self-adhesive for the jersey and the badge.

Round 2.75 inch (7 cm) diameter patches custom designed for a perfect fit for the CSA and USSF referee badges.


Simply peel and stick the hooks (rough side) to your referee badge. 

The softer, fuzzy loops side attaches over the left jersey pocket. Simply peel and stick the loops side onto the centre of the left pocket area. 

For a stronger adhesion that would resist detachment when washing and drying your jersey, please complete one of the following steps:

1. Sew around the patch (more time consuming, but the safest and most permanent option)


2. After sticking the loops side onto the left pocket, pad the loops down, reverse the jersey, warm an iron to medium heat, then using a piece of parchment paper between the iron and the jersey, iron the the reversed jersey underneath the left pocket area where the velcro patch is attached. Let cool for 3-4 minutes. The heat from the iron will make the adhesive stronger and helps form a more permanent bond. For a stronger bond, repeat the ironing cycle 1-2 times. 

Note: Always wash your jersey inside out and ensure the association badge with the attached hooks fastener side is set aside and does not make it into the washing machine or dryer. Contact between the hooks and other fabrics can result in pulling and snagging damage to those fabrics.

Shipping and Handling for hook and loop fasteners: $1.99 for unlimited number of fasteners to be sent via Canada Post lettermail nationwide.